Mega Pack

Dusty Green proudly presents the finest selection of organically grown CBD products, infused with delicious fruity flavors tailored specifically for your enjoyment. In addition, we provide extra gifts and exclusive offers with every purchase, ensuring you receive added value for your investment. Rest assured, our commitment to affordability is unmatched, making us the most cost-effective option for CBD products with shipping available to all regions across Europe and the UK.

Mega Pack for 105 false


20g Cosmic Spices
20g Heretics Bones Powder
20g Jungle Mosses
+ Also receive a gift of a box of 5 pre-rolls.

100% natural CBD hemp flowers with no added additives or artificial flavours.

Nicotine free

This product does not contain tobacco or nicotine.

Practical packaging

The Dusty Green packaging of the CBD Cosmic Spices blend is not only practical and airtight. It's also super classy and elegant. It will be perfect for decorating your coffee table or your telecommuting desk.