Jungle Mosses

Dusty green prepared you its mixture of exception Jungle Mosses, a learned recipe of flowers of CBD cultivated in Switzerland, in the wild, wooded and lemony taste.

Intended for the adventurer, the format trime and its packaging type rolling tobacco allows you to have your mixture of CBD always ready and easy to use in any circumstance! That you are in the depths of Amazonia in search of adventure, lost in the Alps, or quietly installed in your sofa. 

Premium mix
20G for 20 false

Practical packaging

The packaging Dusty Green of mixture CBD Jungle Mosses is thought to be practical to transport. Its hermetic closing will preserve your CBD of the bad weather and the strong heats. Ideal for the adventurers of the extreme and the hikers.


100% natural CBD hemp flowers with no added additives or artificial flavours.

Nicotine free

This product does not contain tobacco or nicotine.