Heretics Bone Powder

Dusty green proposes you its intriguing mixture Heretic Bone Powder, an original mixture of flowers of CBD to the fruity and voluptuous taste, cultivated by our care in Switzerland.

As its name suggests, this strange trime is intended to be used in various rituals. Whether it is during a shamanic incantation, to awaken your senses in a pagan ritual, or simply in your evening tea. Heretic Bone Powder is ready to be sprinkled wherever and whenever you want. Dusty Green is not responsible if you inadvertently summon demonic creatures.

Premium mix
20G for 30 false

Practical packaging

The Dusty Green packaging is not only super stylish, it is also super practical. Its size is ideal to be slipped into a pocket and its hermetic closing will guarantee a long conservation of your mixture CBD Heretic Bone Powder.


100% natural CBD hemp flowers with no added additives or artificial flavours.

Nicotine free

This product does not contain tobacco or nicotine.